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Since October 2023 all premises no matter how many persons are employed, self employed or visit the premises must have a documented fire risk assessment.

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We cross reference the current legislation against my visual inspection and information obtained on-site to identify any failings, or confirm compliance to the standards and current best practices.

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M6 Fire Safety

Over 75% of the risk assessments I have seen from other companies are not compliant and therefore not suitable and sufficient, having a risk assessment that is not suitable and sufficient is a waste of your money.

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M6 Fire Safety - Independent Fire Risk Assessments in Rugby and Surrounding Areas

Why choose an independent Fire Risk Assessor?

We offer a completely impartial service, ensuring you receive accurate and honest Fire Risk Assessments. We am not affiliated to any fire company so will not identify failings and unnecessary remedial works. The risk assessment is totally impartial and we do not benefit from any remedial works required to keep you compliant.

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    All businesses in the UK are required by law to conduct a formal fire risk assessment Rugby at least once a year following a comprehensive risk assessment.

    Every commercial business in the United Kingdom These include the following : Blocks of Flats, HMOs, Sheltered Housing, Shops, including Charitable Establishments, Care homes, Dentists, Chemists, Beauticians, Restaurants, Cafes, Takeaways, Social Clubs, Warehouses, Industrial Units, Workshops, Factory, Pubs, Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Airbnbs. Even Places of Worship, Church, and the Village Hall .

    Since October 2023 all premises no matter how many persons are employed, self employed or visit the premises must have a documented fire risk assessment. The previous rule where a building that was occupied with less than 5 staff did not require a documented fire risk assessment has now been revoked. Please do not get caught out by these new changes!

    The report is a detailed report and assesses many items including the building itself, the structure, walls, doors, compartments, escape routes, electrical and gas risks, working practices, equipment used within the premises, processes, procedures, staff training and communication, staff and other persons safety, safety systems such as fire alarms, emergency lights, fire fighting equipment and many more.

    A fire risk assessment is a process of identifying and assessing the fire hazards in a building or property. It provides guidance on how to manage and reduce the risk of fire with the aim of helping to prevent fires from occurring which can help to save lives in the event of a fire. Fire risk assessments could be compared to an MOT on a car. A specialist completes the MOT and advises the owner of any issues found that should be addressed to improve the safety of the vehicle. A fire risk assessment can be described as a similar process. Fire risk assessors will assess your property and in the report will provide you with an Action Plan you should follow to reduce the risk of fire.

    A compliant and up to date fire risk assessment in Rugby is essential to ensure that your employees, or anyone who uses your building, are kept safe from the dangers.

    How often must the Fire Risk Assessment be reviewed once completed?

    The Fire Service have deemed that it should be reviewed annually as best practice. This ensures that any changes to legislation are identified and incorporated in the reviewed report.

    From a report by The Chief Fire Officers association it advises the following : Any fire risk assessment must be reviewed by the responsible person regularly so as to keep it up to date. There is no definition of regularly but annually is generally accepted to be best practice.

    Do I need to complete all the actions in the Fire Risk Assessment report?

    Yes, The risk assessment is a legal report provided for The Responsible Person to ensure the property, staff, residents or customers are as safe as possible.

    The Fire Service have the powers to close the premises and to prosecute The Responsible Person for failing to adhere to the Fire Risk Assessment report.

    A Fire Risk Assessment in Rugby is defined as 'an organised and methodical look at a premises, the activities carried on there and the likelihood that a fire could start.

    Why Choose Us

    As a Member of : The British Fire Service Association and The Fire Protection Association, our latest qualifications are approved by: The Fire Protection Association, The Institution of Fire Engineers, and CFPA Europe. (Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe).

    How much does a Fire Risk Assessment cost?

    There is no hard and fixed price, our price guide is based on many factors such as size of the premises, how many staff are employed, what the business does e.g. high risk engineering, standard office, sleeping risks, number of storeys etc. I will base the price of your risk assessment on these factors, I constantly aim to offer competitive quotes but more importantly, a quality product and suitable and sufficient report to help you remain compliant and keep you on the right side of the law.

    Over 75% of the risk assessments I have seen from other companies are not compliant and therefore not suitable and sufficient, having a risk assessment that is not suitable and sufficient is a waste of your money and could still leave you open to prosecution and your premises being closed down, please do not make decisions on price alone when choosing a Fire Risk Assessment as it could be false economy.

    Price Guide 2024

    Care Homes Residential (max 5 bedrooms £195.00) (max 15 bedrooms £395.00) (max 25 bedrooms £495.00) (max 50 bedrooms £595.00)

    Churches / Halls (max 200 people) £295.00 - Churches / Halls (max 500 people)£395.00

    HMOs Flats & Common Areas (2 Storey £185.00) HMOs (3 Storey £225.00) HMOs (4 Storey £265.00)

    Holiday Accommodation (max 12 rooms) £195.00 (max 25 rooms) £245.00 (max 50 rooms) £395.00

    Offices (Small max 500sqm)£185 Offices Warehouse Factory (max 2000sqm £245) (max 5000sqm £495) (max 10000sqm £595)

    Pub (No Accommodation) £245.00 Pub (With Accommodation) £345.00

    Restaurant (max 300sqm) £295.00 Cafe (Small max 200sqm) £185.00

    Shop / Industrial Unit (max 500sqm) £225.00 Shop / Industrial Unit max 200sqm) £185.00

    Takeaways (with seating area) £225.00 Takeaways (without seating) £185.00

    No VAT charged - Prices Vary For Non-Standard Premises.

    (Type 1 / Type 3 - Non-Destructive Fire Risk Assessments)

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    We carry out Fire Risk Assessments in Rugby and the surrounding areas.

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    Welcome to our website offering fully insured, independent fire risk assessments in Rugby and the Midlands areas. Our team of expert fire risk assessors based in Rugby, Warwickshire, provides accurate and impartial assessments for various properties, including fire risk assessment for flats, fire risk assessment for HMOs, fire risk assessment for offices, and more.

    We pride ourselves on offering a completely impartial service, ensuring that you receive honest and unbiased evaluations of your fire safety measures. Unlike some companies, we are not affiliated with any fire companies, so you can trust that our assessments are free from any conflicts of interest.

    Our comprehensive fire risk assessments cover a wide range of commercial businesses, including blocks of flats, care homes, restaurants, warehouses, pubs, and even places of worship.

    Specializing in fire risk assessment services for various properties, including fire risk assessments for flats, fire risk assessments for offices, fire risk assessments for HMOs, and more. We provide thorough guidance on fire risk assessment steps, legal requirements for fire risk assessments and responsibilities.

    Wondering about the responsible party for completing a fire risk assessment? Our team offers expert insights and solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you're a landlord fire risk assessment, property owner, or manager.

    Concerned about the cost of a fire risk assessment? We offer transparent pricing and competitive rates, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. Our services are available throughout the Midlands, and beyond, making it convenient to find fire risk assessment solutions near you. Fire risk assessments near me has never been closer.

    Not sure how often a fire risk assessment should be reviewed? We provide guidance on recommended fire risk assessments review frequencies and offer comprehensive checklists to ensure thorough evaluations.

    Looking for a professional fire risk assessment company? Look no further! Our experienced providers deliver reliable services, covering all necessary fire risk assessment steps and ensuring compliance with fire risk assessment regulations. From fire risk assessment for flats to tailored solutions for HMOs and offices, we've got you covered. Trust our dedicated team of fire risk assessors to deliver prompt, efficient, and thorough assessments for your peace of mind. Whether you're a landlord seeking compliance or an fire risk assessment Airbnb service requiring fire safety reviews, we have the expertise to meet your needs.

    Whether you're a landlord, business owner, or property manager, our assessments are designed to ensure compliance with fire risk assessment flats legal requirements and keep your property, staff, residents, or customers as safe as possible. Our services extend to various industries and establishments, including fire risk assessment Airbnb services, ensuring that all aspects of fire safety are thoroughly evaluated. With our thorough assessments and commitment to impartiality, you can trust us to provide the accurate information you need to maintain compliance and ensure the safety of everyone in your property. Contact us today to schedule your fire risk assessment and safeguard your property and occupants in the Midlands area.