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Did you know that any organisation employing 5 or more people (whether commercial or not for profit) is obligated by law to complete a written and specific fire risk assessment on an annual basis?

Failure to meet this basic requirement could result in a large fine, or in extreme cases, a custodial sentence for the owners of the business. Fire Risk Assessments can be complicated, time consuming and require specialist input, so we understand it can be tricky to keep on top of them - and that's where we come in.

10 Years

We have been doing 'in-house' Fire risk assessments for over 10 years, and are now available for your business. Our latest qualifications are approved by: The Fire Protection Association, The Institution of Fire Engineers, and CFPA Europe. (Confederation of Fire Protection Associations Europe).






Can we help you?

We carry out Fire Risk Assessments in Preston / Blackpool and surrounding areas.



We can carry out an extensive fire risk assessment to help you understand your level of risk, what work needs to be done and why.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report that meets all regulatory requirements and will highlight any deficiencies or issues that require attention. Using a simple traffic-light system, issues requiring attention are summarised in the Action Plan at the end of the fire risk assessment document, and are rated in accordance with priority based solely on their impact on life safety.


2020 Prices for Preston / Blackpool and surrounding areas. POA for larger or non-standard sites.


Small Shop (up to 750sqm) £195.00 ex VAT

HMO - Communal Areas £245.00 ex VAT

Pub/Restaurant without Accommodation £295.00 ex VAT

Hotel / B&B (Up to 12 bedrooms) £295.00 ex VAT

Office/Warehouses/Factory (Up to 1000sqm) £295.00 ex VAT

Shops/Stores (750sqm to 2000sqm) £295.00 ex VAT

Churches and Assembly/Village Halls (Up to 200 people) £295.00 ex VAT

Medical Practice/Doctors Surgery £295.00 ex VAT

Pub/Restaurant with Accommodation £395.00 ex VAT



Churches and Assembly/Village Halls (200 to 500 people) £395.00 ex VAT

Hotel / B&B (Up to 25 bedrooms) £395.00 ex VAT

Office/Warehouses/Factory (1000sqm to 5000sqm) £545.00 ex VAT

School/Education (Up to 250 pupils) £595.00 ex VAT

Hotel (Up to 50 bedrooms) £595.00 ex VAT

Churches/Cathedrals (Over 500 people) £595.00 ex VAT

School/Education (250 to 750 pupils) £695.00 ex VAT

School/Education (750 to 1500 pupils) £845.00 ex VAT

(Non-Destructive Fire Risk Assessments)